are you ready for the next step in your career?

are you ready for the next step in your career?

two modules designed to give you the tools to thrive in leadership positions in the language education market.


Online or face-to-face. Your choice. The same warm, welcoming but intense experience.


With two 40h-modules, the Troika Teacher Trainers covers the most important aspects of teacher development frameworks through fast-paced discussions and activities and you will spend most of your time engaged in content-rich assignments.

highly committed professionals

Build lasting professional connections while you develop professionally. Meet committed highly professionals seeking to take the next step in their careers.

your context

The Troika Teacher Trainers takes into account the context of Brazilian language centers and regular schools.

Additionally, while the core content of the course is always the same, the course tutors will customize the learning experience by (re)designing activities that address your own development needs.

the troika certificate

Trusted by over 10,000 teachers and 100 schools and education companies, the Troika Certificate is recognized by the market as a valuable asset.

Our line-up of tutors includes Isabela Villas Boas, Paulo Dantas, Mônica Freire, Leticia Moraes and many guests who are leading experts in their fields.

learn more about the Troika Teacher Trainers and the Leadership Edition

Who is the course for?

This course is for teachers who want to become teacher trainers. Even if you don't want to become a teacher trainer but would like to investigate how professional education works, this course is for you.

How will the face-to-face course work?

This version of the course will take place in São Paulo as an intensive, 5-day course. We will ask all the participants for their COVID-19 proof of vaccination or a negative PCR test done 24h prior to each meeting.

Is the online course the same as the face-to-face?

Yes and no. (This is a common answer you'll get in this course!) The course content and outcomes are the same but the learning experience has been redesigned to take into account the particularities of an online environment. The online course includes both live sessions and self-study moments.

What will I learn in the two modules?

This is a very comprehensive course and we see it as the beginning of your career in teacher development. In a nutshell: you will learn the most important strategies to help teachers develop professionally such as how to give feedback, plan development sessions, help teachers design personal development plans and much, much more.

Who are the tutors?

Each edition features a main course tutor, who is responsible for the organisation of the course, and a number of guest tutors. For the 2021/22 editions of the Troika Teacher Trainers, tutors include: Isabela Villas Boas, Letícia Moraes, Mônica Freire, Paulo Dantas and special guests ;)

How will the online course work?

We have redesigned the Troika Teacher Trainer learning experience so you can take the course from your home, taking into account the particularities of an online environment. The online course includes both live sessions (every other week, on Saturdays from 4:30 to 6:30) over the course of 20 weeks and self-study moments.

What's the difference between the Teacher Trainers and the Teacher Trainers Leadership?

The focus of these modules is different. While the Troika Teacher Trainers focuses on professional development, lesson observation, session planning, giving feedback and other aspects of teacher development, the Leadership Edition focuses on leadership skills: what instructional and educational leadership are; educational leadership competencies and how to develop them, and the main challenges faced by educational leaders.

Do I need to take the two modules?

Not necessarily, but ideally, yes. Each module focuses on specific skills for advanced professional development in language education and we are sure you will benefit from both.

Can I choose the order in which I take the modules?

Absolutely! While the content of one module complements the other, they can be taken in any order.

"I couldn't have been prouder to have taken this course. It was absolutely amazing! Every single detail was visibly thought through, all the sessions were delightfully thought-provoking."
Lucas Martins, teacher, ICBEU Manaus


Teacher Trainers

24 January to 11 July 2022,



6-11 January, 2022

face-to-face in São Paulo

Teacher Trainers Leadership Edition

12-15 January, 2022

face-to-face in São Paulo

how much?

separate modules

Non-member - BRL 1,950.00

Member Unlimited - R$1,365.00 

Member Full - BRL 1,560

Member Lite - BRL 1,755.00

Public Sector Teachers - R$975


Non-member - BRL 3,500

Member Unlimited - R$2,450

Member Full - R$ 2,800

Member Lite - BRL 3,150

Public Sector Teachers - R$1,800

course syllabus

Teacher Trainers

From teacher to trainer


The KASA framework

Training vs Continuous Professional Development


Training Methodology

How to design an effective training session: Input types and activity types


Educational KPIs

How to observe lessons and give feedback to teachers

How to aim a professional development plan

Teacher Trainers Leadership Edition

What makes an effective leader; leadership versus management; leadership styles


What instructional/educational leadership is; educational leadership competencies and how to develop them; main challenges faced by educational leaders

Creating and maintaining a shared vision and a culture of learning in the school; shared leadership; cultivating teacher leadership


Enhancing ability to give and receive feedback; managing conflict; managing change

Time management and productivity; leading based on evidence and data; strategies for dealing effectively with different stakeholders – teachers, parents, students