are you ready for the next step in your career?

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the troika leadership school offers you two modules designed to give you the tools to thrive in leadership positions in the language education market.

module 1 • troika teacher trainers • 40h

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what is a teacher trainer?
the KASA framework and how to evaluate teachers
teacher training methodologies
KPIs and OKRs in Education
how to observe teachers and give feedback
building high-performance teams and devising pedagogical development plans

module 2 • leadership • 40h

what is an effective leader? 
leadership beyond management!
competencies for educational leaders
the challenges of educational leadership
creating and maintaining a shared vision
shared leadership
conflict and change management

why join us at
the troika leadership school?

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"I couldn't have been prouder to have taken this course. It was absolutely amazing! Every single detail was visibly thought through, all the sessions were delightfully thought-provoking."
Lucas Martins, teacher, ICBEU Manaus

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Online or face-to-face. Your choice. The same warm, welcoming but intense experience.


With two 40h-modules, the Troika Teacher Trainers covers the most important aspects of teacher development frameworks through fast-paced discussions and activities and you will spend most of your time engaged in content-rich assignments.

highly committed professionals

Build lasting professional connections while you develop professionally. Meet committed highly professionals seeking to take the next step in their careers.

your context

The Troika Teacher Trainers takes into account the context of Brazilian language centers and regular schools.

Additionally, while the core content of the course is always the same, the course tutors will customize the learning experience by (re)designing activities that address your own development needs.

the troika certificate

Trusted by over 10,000 teachers and 100 schools and education companies, the Troika Certificate is recognized by the market as a valuable asset.

Our line-up of tutors includes Isabela Villas Boas, Paulo Dantas, Mônica Freire, Leticia Moraes and many guests who are leading experts in their fields.

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your brand new career starting at R$ 975,00.
don't miss your chance.

when is this happening?

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Face to face modules will happen in January; online modules will happen from February to July, once a week.

who are you learning with?


villas Boas

Mônica is the head of publishing and a managing partner at Troika. She holds a BA in languages from UERJ; she also holds the RSA DOTE from the University of Cambridge, a master's degree in Applied Linguistics from the UFRJ, a specialization in Teacher Development, Assessment and CLIL from the University of Chichester and a post-graduation course in Project Management from IBMEC. Monica has been teaching English since1984 and, since then, has worked as a teacher, trainer and teacher developer, academic coordinator, international examiner, developer of courses and teaching materials, editorial (Learning Factory) and educational (Britannia International English and English Culture RJ). Mônica was also a professor at the UFRJ Institute of Letters and president of the BRAZ-TESOL Rio Chapter.

With 35 years of experience, Isabela Villas Boas holds a BA in Social Communication from UnB, a Master's in Teaching English as a Second Language from Arizona State University and a PhD in Education from the University of Brasília. She is currently head of training and a managing partner at Troika. Prior to that, she was Corporate Academic Manager at Casa Thomas Jefferson, Brasília, where she worked for 34 years. Isabela is certified by Fundação Dom Cabral in the Executive Training Program and the Advanced Executive Training Program. Her experience in leading a binational center with more than 15,000 students and 250 teachers, combined with her training, led her to delve further into leadership development. She is currently leading conversation cycles at a network of English schools to shape their new generation of leaders and she recently developed the same work with bilingual program coordinators from a large educational group.


Paulo Dantas is a founding partner of Troika, a specialist in digital education and project management that seeks to increase the impact of technology on the learning and teaching process. He has been working with education professionals for over ten years, having impacted thousands of teachers. Paulo has already developed apps, learning platforms, games and other digital products; he's written materials for the teaching of English, trained teachers and edited digital books. In recent years, he has participated in several white papers editorial boards in the digital education industry, such as the Horizon Report
Higher Education (2016, 2017 and 2019), in addition to its Brazilian edition,; he has also served as a lecture curator for the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE). He studied social sciences at the Federal University of Pernambuco and is certified by the University of Cambridge (DELTA). He is currently pursuing a Masters at the University of Chichester in Professional Development for Education.

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